Monday, January 4, 2010

2010, Bring it on!

Now, I can officially say it! Happy New Year! :)

I didn't really discuss this in my previous post, but I ate like crap over the last 2 weeks of December - it's how it always goes, I guess.  But, now here we are in a new year, a clean slate, if you will.  I've been on track for 3ish days and I am definitely feeling so much better - hydrated, full of vitamins, just feeling good in general.  Isn't it funny how one can *forget* what it feels like to feel good?  I don't realize how bad I'm feeling until I'm starting to feel better - I have the same thoughts when I clean my windows - you don't realize how dirty your windows are until you wash them. 

The Y

I've got another trip to the Y planned for after work tonight.  It's going well so far.  I really like having the perk of sitting in the sauna as my post workout reward.  And it's really nice to have the machines with their own private TVs attached - last Thursday I watched Romancing the Stone while I was on the elliptical :)

I'm still working out a few of the kinks as far as having shower supplies, etc in my locker, but it's getting better - oh, and as a side note, I apparently am so high maintenance that one half-sized locker is not quite enough for all my crap...but I do attibute this to the fact that I have a winter coat and boots to store in there while I'm working out. 

Mississippi Ten Miler

It's been a while since I've given an update on this - the reason being I am scared out of my mind about doing this run and I have not been doing my planned training.  But, I really am trying to face my fears and get with the program - I have a run planned tonight at the Y. 

Beck Diet

So, Prior Fat Girl was blogging about reading the Beck Diet for Life book & since it's all about the psychology behind weight loss, it seemed right up my alley.  So, I ordered a copy from Amazon - it should be arriving this week.  I am a little skeptical - partially because books with hokey worksheets kind of annoy me, but I'll let you know what I think.

Spark People

I started my Spark People account a couple of months ago, but wasn't great at getting into the swing of it.  I sort of feel like it's a lot of info to manage.  And one thing I really dislike about online food trackers, in general, is that it's not easy to track foods that aren't grocery store available - like if I go out to eat, it's not easy to track online because I spend a long time trying to dissect every part of what I ate into individual ingredients.  I would much rather have the option to put down "two cheese enchilladas" and not know the exact calories.  The same goes with recipes I make at home...I just find it tedious to break it all down. 

But, I do like that Spark People has little goals - the water consumption goal, for example is great.  So, there are definitely parts of the site that I like and will try to use more of. 

Speaking of H2O goal for December went totally caput when our family arrived.  It all of a sudden was just really hard to remember to get my water in.  But, January is a new month and I'll try my water goal again! So far so good, I've met my goal 4/4 days!

Personal Update

I'm very relieved and happy to report that J, who lost his job in October, is now employed!  He got a job offer with a big company last week and has accepted it.  I think he's really happy that he'll be working again, even though the job isn't perfect, I think it will be a pretty good fit down the line.  :-)

Whew! This was a lengthy post! Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I wanted to make one more little note.  Those weights on the side over there? <------  I'm going to wipe them out and start anew.  Partially because I haven't updated them in a long time, and also because I gained several pounds in December. 

Ok, TTFN! Have a great day!

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