Tuesday, July 26, 2011

...And We're Back!

Hello, my little twisters! My, my, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Well, what have I been up to? I gave birth to my gorgeous son on April 7th. I worked hard to stay within my weight-gain goal & only gained about 20 lbs (which, frankly was a miracle). I wasn’t as active as I had hoped to be throughout my pregnancy, and actually ended up being on partial bed rest for the last six weeks, which really wasn’t fun. One of the reasons staying active was important to me was that I really wanted to have a drug-free delivery, and I’m happy to report that despite my inactivity, my body was fit enough to handle it and I got my wish! If anyone is interested in non-medicated birth, feel free to message me and I’ll be glad to share my experience.

I’m now back at work full-time, and that is going ok. In some ways, it’s great to be back with grown-ups again, but it’s also hard to be away from the little guy all day.

I pretty much lost my baby weight right away, and I’m now about 5 pounds lighter than my last official weigh-in on this blog. I have decided to not focus on weight loss for a while – I mean, I’d love to keep losing, but in reality, I have a lot of other things to occupy my mind and I know I would be half-assing any weight loss efforts. So, for now I have no plans to rejoin the SparkPeople group that I was a part of last year, or Weight Watchers, or any other structured weight loss program.

However, I really do want to get back into an active lifestyle, so I have started the C25K running program again. I just finished week 2 and so far, so good. It’s nice that we have a treadmill at home, and it just takes a little more planning to get myself down to the basement while daddy watches the little guy.

So, that’s pretty much the update. I have some other thoughts that have been percolating in my little brain, so stay tuned!

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