Monday, April 30, 2012

Starting over or continuing?

Geesh, it’s been so long since I posted, I nearly forgot my password.  Since I have such a small audience, I guess I don’t feel too bad about it though.  Not that you two aren’t important! ;-)

I do find myself amazed at the people who have jobs, families, and somehow figure out how to life a healthy, active lifestyle AND blog about it regularly.   

So, my little Bug is a year old already and I still haven’t made eating well and working out a consistent part of my life.  I think I was hoping that if I focused enough on all the other things I have going on, this one would just sort itself out on its own.  Not the case, apparently.  

This weekend, I decided it was time for me to update my wardrobe.  I haven’t bought new work pants since before I was pregnant, and in general, I feel like I’m starting to look a bit sloppy.  So, I headed out to the Mall of America ready to makeover my closet.  

First, I got a bra fitting at Nordstrom.  If you haven’t had a professional bra fitting, I highly recommend it – especially if you are busty (like I am), or if there have been changes in your body (like, say, having a baby).  It turns out that I have been wearing the right size bra, but the wrong style.  So, I got a few nice bras and headed out to fill the rest of my closet.  

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find anything that I loved.  It was really hard for me to find pants that fit, it just seemed that all the stores were out of my size and everywhere I went, I would try stuff on that just didn’t look great.  

This got me to thinking that it’s time for me to focus on getting back in shape again.  I’d be much more likely to find clothes that fit if I wasn’t always in need of the largest sizes.  

I feel like I’m approaching this a lot different than I’ve approached it in the past.  I don’t really have a concrete plan, but I’m just going to do what I can and try to take it one day at a time.  And, I’ll probably develop a plan as I go.

So, today at the Y, I took a “Fitness Test” on the elliptical machine.  There wasn’t a description of what all the fitness test was supposed to entail, but from what I gathered, it was 2 minutes on each increasing level.  After 10 minutes, I was beat and finding it really hard to stay in the RPM range they specified, so I stopped the test there.  The report said that I was in the 10th percentile for my age group.  Yikes.  So, lots of room for improvement there.  I thought maybe I’d try to retake it once a month and see if I can improve. 

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