Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three Little Things

Hey y'all.  Just a quick update because I've got a bunch of work to do today!!

Biggest Loser Update

First let me say, YAY! The Witch is Dead!  Well, ok, she's not dead, but she was finally voted off.  I was so happy to see Crazy Tracey go home last night.  I really couldn't take anymore of those bug-eyed looks she gives the camera.  And then she was on Leno too - I was wondering, she looked heavier on Leno than she did in her follow-up at the end of the show, what's up with that, I wonder?  Maybe it was just what she was wearing, I don't know. 

One last bit on her:  I am totally bitter that she weighed less than I do the last two weeks she weighed in.


A follow-up on my declarations from the other day:
1) Drink all my water - check!
2) Track what I eat on SparkPeople (SP) - check!
3) Post ugly Halloween picture - check! :-p

Three Little Things

So last night and this morning I did three little things that I haven't done in a while, but that I think are truly going to be the key to my success.
- Laundry - yes, I did some laundry last night and set aside my clean clothes to wear to work.  How could this be related, you ask?  Well, in the morning, I'm kind of crazy getting ready for work.  I could get up a half hour earlier and have a nice laid back morning, but I choose not to.  And one of the things that sucks up my morning time is finding something clean to wear to work and ironing it (sometimes just fluffing it in the dryer if I'm really in a crunch).  By doing that stuff last night, I saved myself a good ten minutes this morning, which gave me time to...
-EAT BREAKFAST! I was never a breakfast eater until J and I moved in together (6 years ago, or so).  He always, always eats breakfast and got me in the good habit of doing it too.  Now, I really can't function without a good breakfast, but lately instead of eating breakfast at home, I've been picking it up at the cafeteria at work.  They have some healthy options, but more often than not, I'm getting something with more calories than are necessary - and spending money that doesn't need to be spent.  So, this morning, with my extra time, I toasted myself a 100 calorie english muffin.  Added peanut butter and banana, and a glass of milk and I feel revved up and ready to go today.
-Pack Lunch - I've also been neglecting to pack my lunch as of late, which also means that I have not been packing my snacks.  So, while my english muffin was toasting, I packed up some leftovers from last night and 2 healthy snacks to eat during the day.  Today there will be no mental fight about where to go for lunch and what I should order vs. what I want to order. 

The moral of our story is, it only takes about 15 minutes in the morning to make and eat a healthy breakfast AND pack a lunch and snacks for the day - and those 15 minutes might make all the difference in this war.

Ok, I've got to get some work done! Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

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