Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!!

First, on Friday I left you with 3 declarations...let's follow up:
1) Drink all my water and then some on Friday - Accomplished! I drank 96 oz of H2O at work and then another couple of glasses at home in the evening - yay :)
2) Eat regular meals and healthy snacks while cleaning, cooking and decorating for party - This was a toughie, but I kept reminding myself of my declaration and forced myself to take a break from craziness and eat - Accomplished!!
3) Hungover or not, 40 minutes on the treadmill on Sunday - not accomplished...BUT, I have a good excuse, I promise! I skipped the treadmill because I spent 2 1/2 hours outside raking and bagging leaves! Whew! What a workout.  My back was achin'.  So, I give myself a pat on the back anyway :)

The Part-ay

I dare say, the party was a smashing success.  J mixed some great 80's and Halloween themed music and it seemed like everyone had a great time.  We had some awesome John Hughes characters including 2 John Benders (one of which was J), 1 Claire from Breakfast Club (me), 1 Allison AKA Basket Case from Breakfast Club, a Chet from Weird Science, Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmations (Hughes wrote it, believe it or not), the naughty nurse from Ferris Bueller (complete with balloons), the Geek from 16 candles, and a few random 80's people. 

I fully intended to take some pics of the food, but I got distracted and didn't do it.  But, this is what we had:
Bat Wings - BBQ Chicken Wings
Eyeballs w/ crackers - Mozzarella balls with olives for eyes
Flesh on a cracker - Lox w/ cream cheese
Witch's Fingers - green cookies shaped like fingers
Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Pumpkin Dip w/ applies and ginger snaps
Black Punch - Grape + Orange Kool Aid + Ginger Ale

I planned on making the jello brain that I make every year, but this year, it just didn't set up at all, so that was a bummer. 

Lemoncello Tasting

Everyone also tasted the lemoncello - I was so excited to see what people thought.  The overall opinion was that the grapefruit flavor was much more mellow and less alcohol tasting than the lemon, but several people liked the flavor of the lemon better.  We made a good dent in our supply, but still have 4 full bottles left.  I should have given one or two away as prizes...


We took a lot of pictures of people in their costumes - me included.  I'm not saying this from a negative mental talk point of view (even though it may sound that way), but damn, I am fat.  I look like my mother's twin.  If my boobs get any bigger, they are going to need their own zipcode.   But, I am seeing a good side to this, really.  Drumroll please -

I feel ready to take action. 

I really do feel it, and even though it might be temporary, I'm going to grab on to it and hang on to this feeling for as long as I can.  Even though I've been having lightbulb moments here and there, and little glimmers of committment, I haven't felt really ready to make changes until now.  So, here we go...


After hearing a couple of recommendations, I joined SparkPeople.  I've only been on for a day, but already I am feeling like I like it a lot more than WW's site.  In fact, I'm cancelling my WW subscription today. 

I've been struggling with my thoughts about WW for a while.  On one hand, it was the plan I was most successful on.  But, that was 3 years ago.  It worked for me because I made it work, not because WW has some magic system.  I got really tired of it.  I got tired of going to meetings every Saturday morning.  I got tired of listening to the sales pitch of overpriced WW products every week.  But, I think most of all, I just started feeling like I was paying money and wasn't learning anything new.  I was never trying to get to the root of my problems.  It was the same old thing week in, week out. Year in, year out.  My two favorite meetings each year were the meeting the week before the MN State Fair, when they tell you all the points for the Fair food and the meeting the week before Thanksgiving when they give you a paper plate and you draw how much food you are going to put on your plate and the points for those foods.  So, why do I still have an online subscription?  Because I felt like if I cancelled it, I would be giving up and resigning myself to be fat forever.   I don't feel that way today, in fact, I feel quite the opposite - empowered. 

I do think SparkPeople is a bit overwhelming - there are a lot of options.  But, I think that it will be a really good change.  I'll keep you updated on it.


This morning on the radio, they played this clip, which I thought was laugh out loud funny:


So, my declarations went so well on Friday, I thought I'd make a couple more for today. 
1) Drink all my water today
2) Track what I eat on SparkPeople
3) Post picture of me at Halloween Party (this will be the hardest one for me to do)

I'll follow up tomorrow.  Have a great Monday!

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