Friday, December 11, 2009

Promises, Promises

Sorry, I couldn't upload the actual video (embedding wasn't allowed) but, you can listen anyway :)

So, I've made some promises that I haven't kept.  Namely, starting at the Y this week - this is what happened:
Monday morning I woke up with a killer headache and decided to take a personal day from work.  I went back to bed and slept another 4 hours and woke up feeling like a new woman, so I spent the rest of the day with J running errands, buying xmas presents, etc.  Since I'd been in Duluth all weekend, it was really great to spend the afternoon with him.  But...I did not go to the Y.
On Tuesday, my best friend's dad was in town and wanted to see us and the new house, so I hurried straight home after work to tidy up and...I did not go to the Y.
Tuesday night we got a pretty good storm, and I didn't want to deal with riding the bus, so I worked from home on Wednesday.  I had a doctor's appt Wednesday afternoon and...I did not go to the Y.
Thursday (yesterday), I was back at work with my normal schedule, but wanted to go straight home so we could get our xmas tree and...I did not go to the Y. 
Tonight, J is taking me out for my birthday (which is on Sunday), so I will not go to the Y. 

In fairness, this week was much busier than my normal week.  I think it's that way for all of us in December...there are holiday gatherings and family visits and life just gets busy.  Next week won't be much better for me - our family comes on Thursday night.  But, I've got nothing going on Monday or Tuesday night, so I'm putting trips to the Y on my calendar right now. 

I do want to share that I HAVE been rocking my water consumption! I've had 8 days in a row of meeting my water goal, so I'm really happy with that. 

I will try to update you all next week at least one more time before the holiday.  I'm taking the week of the 21st off of work, so likely there will be no updates that week, but I'll try...I'm not making any promises though ;-)

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