Friday, September 25, 2009

Asian Food Birthday Weekend

Friday is here at last! I've been doing really well this week with food, water, and activity.  I'm pretty proud of my efforts.  Of course, weekends are always a challenge, but I'm trying to keep in mind that perfection isn't my goal.  There will always be distractions, celebrations, happy hours, bad days etc.  I want to stop using these as excuses to not be mindful about what I eat, but also not punish or berate myself when life happens.  It's a delicate balance between the two for me.    

Today happens to be J.’s 31st birthday, so at his request, tonight we’re heading to K-Wok: on the West Bank. We’ve never been, but the reviews online look pretty good – plus, it’s the first place we’ve found in the ‘Cities that serves Filipino food, so J. is ultra excited.

Tomorrow night, we’re going to Origami for sushi with a group of friends to celebrate 2 birthdays (J.’s and our friend Beth’s). Perhaps a movie afterward, but mostly pretty low key.

I plan to do a C25K run when I get home tonight.  My food goal for the weekend is to make conscious choices about what I eat and write it all down. I’ll keep you updated. :)

Before I go for today, I wanted to share that this very moment, I have just finished one of my fave treats from the old folks at Caribou Coffee!

A junior sized Caramel Northern Lite Cooler!! It’s a perfect late afternoon pick-me-up and so so yummy!

TTFN! Have a great weekend!

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