Saturday, September 26, 2009


So, last night when I got home from work, my plan was to do a C25K run before we went to dinner.  I distracted myself with wrapping J's bday gift and doing a load of laundry and decided to skip the workout.  This morning when I woke up I thought, "I should run today, but maybe I'll just walk".  That's when it hit me, I was afraid of doing my run.  This happens to me frequently, actually.  I find myself hesitating when I think about doing my planned runs.  Of course, there's no logical reason for me to fear running.  Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but not really enough to incite fear.  I think this is one of my key issues and that it's tied into not challenging myself.  But, now, I know I can be on the look-out for those feelings of hesitation and be aware of where they are coming from.  So, this morning, I faced my fear (sucked it up) and did the run I had planned for last night - it went great! One of those runs that gives you the adreneline rush at the end. :-)

Dinner last night at K-Wok was really good. It's right down on Riverside across the street from the Acadia Cafe.  Apparently, K-Wok has been in business for 15 years, but under new ownership for the last 7 months.  It's also the only restaurant in town that serves Filipino food.  It's not fancy, but the food was great - we had lumpia for an appetizer, I had a Malaysian beef curry dish and J got a pork dish in a tomato sauce.  For dessert, we had turon and halo-halo, which were both awesome.  It was a ton of food.  We have enough leftovers for two more meals. The service was slow, as they only had one waiter (who I also believe is the owner), but we weren't in any hurry.  The waiter/owner (Ramon) was very kind and he talked with us for a while after our meal.  If you are looking for authentic Southeast Asian food, this is the place to try.

Our plan for today is to buy an area rug for our downstairs living room.  It's very echo-y in there and I'd like to try to make it a little more homey.  Then tonight is SUSHI! Super excited!! 

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