Thursday, September 24, 2009


It seems to be strange to think about people actually reading this little blog. It makes me feel both flattered and exposed. However, I’m starting to learn that things that make me uncomfortable are also good challenges, so I’ll risk the exposure.

I’ve been trying to lose weight pretty much my entire adult life, sometimes succeeding, but most times it was more of a “I wish I was thinner” thought process rather than a plan in action. I’m a great planner. I could make the plan, but always fell short on execution. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve planned out exactly what I would need to do to lose weight…starting Monday, of course. Each time telling myself, yes, it would be regimented, but absolutely necessary to stick to the plan 100% or this time would be a failure again.

I don’t like thinking of now as a this time. I don’t want to say that this time will be different, this time I’ll follow through. Maybe partly because if there is a this time, does that mean there will be a next time? Having a this time implies that this is a short time period in my life and it has an ending. This path that I’m embarking on doesn’t have an ending. There is no finish line. That is a scary thought – but no one said adventures were easy!

So, a little about me! My name is Laura. I’m 31 and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota with my husband (J.) and the prettiest kitteh in the world (Paris). I love going out to eat and drink with friends, and seeing what the ‘Cities have to offer, so you’ll probably see me chat about that from time to time. I also love books, television and movies, which will also be a topic here, but mainly, I plan to write about my struggles and goals with weight and fitness.

This is my first blog, but I hope you find it interesting and supportive and I wish you the best of luck on your own journey! Thanks for reading!

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