Tuesday, June 15, 2010

StickK with it!

First of all, let me just say, I am a HUGE fan of this new blog template. Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

I’ve been struggling to get on track lately. I’ve only run once since the race and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. I’ve been really sporadic with my food tracking on SparkPeople as well. And, I totally binged yesterday.

I would like to say that today was better, but I skipped breakfast at home this morning and also had Arby’s for lunch.

I’m feeling like I need a kick in the pants. Right now I’m living the pattern that I’ve always lived and I’ve just got to break through it. Without the fear of the race looming over me, I haven’t had any motivation to get my body moving. Yesterday my friend’s 5 year old little girl said to me, “You should exercise more and get thin.” Yeah, it hurt. But actually, she’s right.

So, today I made a contract at www.stickK.com. If you haven’t heard of StickK, it’s a website that you use to set up contracts with yourself to meet your goals. The really cool thing about the site is that you can tack a financial incentive on to your contract that can be used as a penalty for not meeting your goals. The penalty can be sent to a friend, a charity, or an anti-charity (a charity that you hate).

I signed a contract to exercise 5 days per week and put $20 per week on the line with an anti-charity. I absolutely hate the idea of giving this charity $1 let alone $20, so I think this will be a good motivation for me. Also, I recruited my husband to be my referee and keep me honest. I have a 12 week contract, and you know I’ll keep you updated too.

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