Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Me

Hey there, y’all! I’m back like fashion!

The celebration trip to Vegas after the race was fantastic. Exactly what the doctor ordered. It was one of those vacations where you don’t *have* to do anything. I read a terrible book, drank lots of calories, and soaked up as much sun as I could handle. It was great.

I was actually very surprised, incredulous, really, that I didn’t gain about 20 pounds on the trip – I came home to just a one pound gain and then I dropped down after a few days back at home! Amazing. So, now I’ve *almost* officially lost 10 pounds from my starting weight. What a nice round number 10 is...and it's so close...

It’s very liberating to be done with the race, actually. Now, I feel like I can do other workouts besides running and there’s no pressure. Tonight will be a treadmill workout at home, but tomorrow I’ll bring in my Y clothes and get in an elliptical workout for the first time in a while.

I’m tracking again on SparkPeople, too. So, hopefully these next 5 pounds come off more like the first 5…

It’s hard to believe it’s only Tuesday. Feels more like a Thursday…maybe it’s because I’m really looking forward to the weekend. We are having a Filipino party at our house on Saturday. My husband is Filipino, so he’s planning the festivities. It should be really fun.

Well, I don’t have a whole lot else for you. I’ll check in tomorrow with a report of how my first run back in business goes tonight.

When I was about 1/3 of the way through the 10 miler, this song came up on my MP3 player. I had barely started the race and I was tired and pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to finish and these lyrics really struck me:

Big Me to talk about it
I could stand to prove
If we can get around it
I know that it’s true
When I talked about it
Carried on
Reasons only knew

I just couldn’t help thinking how I had talked a big talk about this damn race and now I might not follow through. So, today, for your listening pleasure, I leave you with Foo Fighters:

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