Thursday, October 8, 2009

life, in a nutshell

hello, my little twisters.  well, things are getting a little better at our house - starting to come to grips with J's career change and starting to feel a little more normal to have him home all day long.  i used to always be the first person home in the afternoon, so it's kind of weird to have him there when i get home.

one of my favorite bnl songs is playing on my pandora station right now:  "life, in a nutshell"  - favorite verse:
"i fell down,
with no one there to catch me from fallin',
then she came around,
and only
her tenderness
stopped me from bawlin'
my eyes out - i'm okay."

steven page, i love your voice. seriously.

the reason i'm here

i've been doing ok on my health/fitness goals this week.  haven't been too bad with my eating - mostly because i'm trying not to spend unnecessary money on junk food at work.  i have not, however, been writing down my food choices, i hope to get back into that groove next week.  i also have not been working out. at all.  so, i would like to get back into that swing again also -  i just need to gear myself up a bit for it.  so, i'll start gearing up now...i will run on saturday.  i will run on saturday. i will run on saturday...

biggest loser update

how about biggest loser on tuesday?  i've said it before and i'll say it again: tracey is a nutter!!! she does that wide-eyed, crazy woman look and i just want to smack her upside the head.  i'm hoping she gets the heave-ho next week. i do like the girls on the pink team, but i'm getting really sick of hearing, "america picked me, so i owe it to them..." i actually voted for the other girl at last season's finale, anyway.  i think i'm going to be an orange team fan.  daniel seems like a sweet kid & i hope he gets rewarded for all the hard work he's done already. 

lemoncello (or limoncello if you want to be snooty about it)

so, i mentioned earlier this week that i was going to start making a batch of homemade lemoncello.  after reading some blogs that all claimed to have the BEST recipe, i found one that sounded good and started two batches last night.  i did one batch of lemoncello and one batch of grapefruitcello. 
10 organic lemons
1 liter Everclear

4 organic grapefruit
1 liter Everclear

i zested the fruit, careful to avoid the pith and added the zest to the Everclear.  now, it's supposed to sit for 4 days - 2 weeks.  we're hoping to do a taste test at our halloween party, so i think what i'll do is let it sit for 2 weeks, until the 21st, and then add the simple syrup, bottle them and let them sit another 10 days until the halloween party.  i'm a little skeptical about how the grapefruit is going to turn out.  i think i should have used ruby red grapefruit, but i just used the normal grapefuit that Trader Joe's had.  we'll just have to see, i guess.

halloween party

so, i mentioned our halloween party.  i like planning and i like pleasing people, so hosting parties is really something i enjoy.  we've had an "annual" halloween party for i think 3 years...we skipped last year because we were out of town for J's brother's wedding.  so, i'm looking forward to having it this year. plus, it's the first year in our huge house, instead of our tiny apartment.  the theme this year is in memory of the late, great John Hughes.  so, everyone can come dressed as a John Hughes character.  i think i have a pretty good idea for a costume, but i'll keep it a surprise. besides, i'm not sure if i can pull it off.

well, that's about all that's going on with me.  weigh-in tomorrow morning! and tomorrow's friday...i need a weekend in the worst way...


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