Thursday, October 1, 2009


I didn't write yesterday because I didn't really have anything interesting, or nice, to say.  I've been in a funk all week.  And one funk day has just led to another and another for me.  I'm tired and cranky and feeling lonely and unmotivated.  My weight has been creeping up on the scale too.  I know that in order to feel better, I need to get back on track, cease the negative self-talk, and get some activity in, but the whiney 4 year old part of me just wants to wallow in it for a bit. 

I already had a chocolate chocolate chip muffin for breakfast this morning and I'm trying not to think that my day is shot.  I used to have a WW leader who would say, "If you accidentally break one dish, do you then go to the cupboard and break all the rest?"  Of course not.  One bad meal doesn't have to mean that I can't make good choices the rest of today.  Even if I don't feel like it.

Today is October 1st.  Time will march on even if I don't stick to my plan.  Time won't stop because I'm mopey. 

There will be shitty days.  There will be days I don't feel like running.  There will be days when I want to eat a whole pizza.  There will be awesome days.  Days that I feel like I could run a little further.  Days when I can easily say no to a slice of pizza.  But, most of the time, there will be so-so days, where choices are small challenges, but not insurmountable. 

I'll get out of this funk soon.  Maybe what I need is a fun weekend....

BL was awesome on Tuesday - lots of drama, which I love.  That Tracey is Looney Tunes! She's got the crazy eyes for sure.  She's really the only person I don't like.  Orange team, pink team, and green team are all starting to stand out to me.  Every season I wonder if I'll have that one person I really start to root for (like last season's Tara), who will it be this season?

So, I listened to some more of "Skinny Bitch" on tape.  I got to the second disk before I couldn't take anymore.  I just found it really condesending, harsh, and just plain annoying.  I've dabbled in vegetarian and dairy-free diets before, but for me, it's just not a realistic or balanced way to eat.  The great thing about trying to be vegetarian is that it exposed me to lots of great low cal, alternatives to meat that I probably would never have tried otherwise.  Now, I'm listening to a Lewis Black book on tape.  He's hilarious.  So, it's like I've traded a bitchy, snooty girl yelling at me for Lewis Black yelling at me...a great trade in my opinion.

Well, that's about all for today.  Friday is almost here...ugh, time flies.  :-p

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