Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One little thought

So, I should let you know, I actually started my earlier post late last week, and was sort of letting my thoughts about it steep for a bit before I posted it this afternoon. 

Now that I've read and re-read (and in parts, re-written), it's fresh in my mind again.  Anyway, I was trying to get back to work, when my mind wandered for about the millionth time today and I thought maybe I should head over to the vending machine for a pick-me-up.  The inner dialog went something like this:

"Maybe a twix would help me concentrate"
"Should you really be spending your money on that?"
"Well, no, but I have some change"
"What about your last blog post? I thought you were all committed again"
"i am, but i want a snack" (little, weak voice)
"That's not what our plan was"
"i know, but..."

It was at this point that I thought about Seinfeld.  There's this great episode where George decides to do everything opposite of what his instincts are.  He ends up getting a job with the Yankees and all this other good stuff happens to him.  Everything works out for Opposite George.  Maybe I need to try an Opposite Laura approach...is it at all possible that with time, my instinct will not be to go get a Twix? 

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