Friday, May 21, 2010

Time keeps on tickin....

On Wednesday, I was in Chicago for one day of training for work. It was a very fast trip. I flew in Tuesday night and flew out Wednesday afternoon. My eating choices were not stellar while I was there. However, I did overcome a big fear – I packed my workout clothes and I got up early Wednesday morning for a treadmill run in the hotel’s fitness center. Working out while on vacation is something I always struggle with. Often, I’ll pack my workout clothes, but they won’t be used at all. But on this trip, I got them nice and sweaty.

Yesterday I should have been back in my regular routine, but honestly, I was just worn out. I got my period (which is a good sign that things are starting to regulate in that aspect) and I was just all emotional and feeling icky. When you have been on the pill for 10+ years like I was, you kind of forget what a “normal” period is like. While on the pill, I never had cramps and never felt emotional or crabby. But, now that I’m off, it’s a whole different story. Yesterday morning I felt so awful, I almost went home.

So, I didn’t run last night. But, my plan is to run tonight. Then, I’ll have a long run on Sunday. Hopefully, it won’t be too humid and sticky out. I’m really scared of these long runs. The 10-miler is one week from this Sunday! I can’t believe how fast it’s come up. I wish I could just stop time and give myself 4 more weeks…

Before I head off for the weekend, thought I’d share with you all that another co-worker asked me how much weight I’ve lost. I can’t really believe that people see a difference in my body, but I guess that they are, and that feels good to hear.

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