Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Craving support

Hey y’all – I’m just really feeling like I need support right now. I’ve been doing really, really well on working toward my goals, and most days just knowing that I’ve done well sort of propels me forward, but today I’m feeling a little bit in a rut.

When the “when are you due” thing happened, I decided not to tell my husband about it. The only people that know about it are my friend that was there with me and one other friend that I’ve told. And I haven’t said to anyone that I have plans to lose this weight. So, although keeping it to myself (aside from sharing with you strangers) helps me feel slightly less vulnerable, it also makes me feel a little lonely.

I haven’t proclaimed to anyone that I’m “recommitted” or “back on plan” or any of that stuff – partially because I don’t want to jinx myself. But, more importantly, I really have shied away from saying “recommitted” because, I feel like it minimizes my commitment. It makes what I’m doing feel temporary, and emphasizes that I haven’t stuck with it before.

Anyway, I was thinking about going to the vending machine for a Twix, and just wished I had a cheerleader on my side.

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