Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Lies

I just saw the friend that was with me at the salon yesterday. She feels really terrible about what happened. She doesn’t really know what to say to me. She kind of tries to make me feel better by telling white lies, “She’s crazy for thinking you look pregnant”.

I feel like I can totally understand why the pedicurist would think I was pregnant. First, we were talking about our friends' pregnancies, so if she just listened to half of the conversation, I can see how she might think one of us was. And then she probably noticed my huge belly - which I really can't hide when I'm sitting down - and my recent acne break out, AND my huge boobs. I totally get why someone would think I was pregnant.

I had the thought – is it actually good that this happened to me? It IS getting me to think about healthier choices. Am I going to want to thank her down the road for honestly telling me what my friends and family could not? But really, it doesn’t feel like a good thing at all– even if it spurs me to lose weight, I am so ashamed that this had to be the thing that did it.

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