Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, I’m happy to report that after walking for 30 min on the treadmill, I did go to the strength training class last night and it went pretty well – I mean, it was hard, but I made it through the whole hour. I am seriously sore today, though. Even though today will be my fourth consecutive day of workouts, I still want to get some cardio in today, so I plan to go to the gym after work for an elliptical workout and then some much deserved time in the sauna.

Tracking food on SparkPeople continues to go pretty well. I’m nervous about how I will do with it over the weekend, but as it’s going right now, I like it a lot better than WW. The thing with points is that they are so easy to remember, once you assign a point value to a food, you always think about the points every time you have that food. But, calories are harder numbers to remember, so I feel like I am making choices based on healthier foods in general, rather than foods I know are just low in points. And the way the SparkPeople nutrition tracker is set up, I’m definitely thinking more about the nutrients that are in my food too.

I have another happy thing to discuss today – I finally got my period. Almost 2 months to the day since my last one. All of a sudden, a light bulb has come on for me & I’m now pretty convinced that I’m only ovulating with one ovary. About two years ago, while I was on the pill, I started to have some cramping and discomfort on my left side. It was pretty intermittent, but worried me enough to see my doctor. She thought that I was constipated and never discussed with me the possibility that it could be a cyst. Since the same cramping, uncomfortable feeling has continued to happen every now and then in the same spot, AND since I’m only having a period every other month, I think that it’s a cyst and it’s preventing me from ovulating on that side. So, I’m going to try to make an appointment with a new doctor and see if we can get this taken care of. And, you know, maybe since I’m not a medical professional, I’m wrong about this, so at the very least maybe we can figure out why my periods are all screwed up.

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