Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

I had a pretty good weekend. I wasn’t very good about tracking my food intake all weekend, but I made some pretty good choices - with the notable exception of my “free” meal on Saturday night. Yeah, Saturday I totally splurged. Mussels with bread and butter, steak with béarnaise sauce, French fries…and let’s not forget the wine! Oh, it was so great.

Saturday, husband and I planned to do a 5k in the afternoon, but it had been really rainy in the morning, so I didn’t really want to go. And, actually, that was a huge excuse. I was really nervous about going because I don’t really like running outside – I like to know my pace and how much further I have to go, AND I like running on flat terrain, and since I didn’t know what the course would be like, I was really freaked out about it. Also, the 5k was supposed to be a pretty small group. I think only like 50 people had signed up. I much prefer the kind of races where I can blend in with the crowd and not seem like the one person who is the slowest.

But, just because I punked out on the 5k, doesn’t mean I didn’t run! I ran 3.1 miles on my treadmill at home! I felt pretty good right after –a little bit sore, but mostly good. Yesterday though, my right hip was really sore, so I don’t know if I just didn’t stretch it or if I somehow tweaked it without noticing. It’s still tender today, but I want to run again tonight. If it hurts while I run, then I’ll stop to try to avoid injury. Hopefully it’s just a sore muscle in there.

I’m hoping that I can run 3 miles tonight, 3 on Weds, 2 on Thurs, and then a 5 miler on Saturday. I’ll be really happy if I can do that this week.

Have a good Monday!

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